The Collectionist - PATTERN STUDIO


Opting away from standardised décor in rooms, The Collectionist Hotel commissioned the talents of seven designers from four leading design studios, and 13 artists, to create 40 individually designed rooms. Instead of rooms being allocated, guests are invited to peruse available rooms on check-in and choose their room based on the style, colour, texture and design - just as they would a work of art. 

Pattern Studio's inspiration for The Collectionist Hotel: "Inspired by our own experiences of staying in much-loved houses and apartments, we tried to build a sense of playfulness and wonder into each guest room. We have used colour, texture, furnishings, and artwork to create bold but cohesive interiors. The mood and ambience of each room varies slightly, reflecting the inherent variety of hosts’ personalities..."

Axolotl Paint was used throughout the eclectic hotel - Metta, Chroma and Micaceous Paints in varying sheen levels adorn each wall, in some cases creating unique and stunning designs and motifs. Axolotl Paint was chosen for the paintability, quality and depth of tone of the curated colours, as well as the beautiful matt finishes achieved in both Metta and Chroma.  The paint also needed to withstand the rigours of daily life of a hotel.

Photography by Terence Chin