What is Axolotl Cement Paint?

Axolotl Cement Paint is sold as a dry powder to be mixed with water at the time of application. It achieves a matte textured effect designed to look weathered and fade with exposure. The effect is similar to Tuscan renders.

What is the difference between Axolotl Cement Paint and render or bagging?

Axolotl Cement Paint provides the texture and final colour in one-step and can be more economical then bagging + over painting. 

Where can Cement Paint be used?

Axolotl Cement Paint can be used for both internal and external applications onto dimensionally stable substrates such as plaster board, masonry and cement.

How do I know if the mix is the correct consistency?

For a brushed application the mixed Cement Paint should have a consistency of thickened cream. If a paint brush is dipped in the mixture it should just drip off, not run off or hold too firm.

What is the coverage of Cement Paint?

Standard mix for brush application achieves approximately 6m2/kg per coat. 
Standard mix with the addition of Grain for brush application achieves approximately 3m2/kg per coat.
Thicker mix for trowel application - coverage will depend on the thickness of mixture and application. 

Why is misting a step in the application of Cement Paint?

Lightly wetting down the surface helps to slow the cure of the Cement Paint and strengthen the structure. It is recommended to mist the paint 2-4 hours after application or as the surface appears dry. Misting can be repeated multiple times.